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Who We Are
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Peace of Mind

SquareOne Home Consulting was founded by Damian Mathis. Damian and his team have decades of home improvement experience across the industry. They partner with contractors that share their values and principles which are built around ‘first’ caring about the families we serve.

The Square Approach®

The Square Approach® encompasses a four step process which ensures that nothing is missed, and eliminates the inherent flaws that's typical in the conventional sales process. It directly addresses the challenges that customers face while trying to navigate a complex project in today’s marketplace.

1 Discover

Preparation of an engagement strategy in which pertinent information is gathered to thoroughly capture the customers dream idea.

2 Diagnose

Encompasses the verification of findings, and determining what could be, and should be done, and whether the problem merits solving.

3 Design

Helps customers sort through their expectations and alternatives to arrive at an optimal solution.

4 Deliver

The Deliver phase begins with a formal proposal, and agreement on a personalized solution.



Why Wait?

We can help you find the right building contractor for any home improvement project. Start the search today and get fast, competitive quotes.

Proven Competence

Each of the home improvement companies, contractors, installers, and repairmen and women that we accept onto our platform is pre-approved by us – they have demonstrated that they have the passion, expertise, and experience to provide top-tier service.

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