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Some of the most popular home improvement projects on the SquareOne platform are:

Consulting Focus



This is one of the largest  projects you can undertake. Proper selection of a replacement roof and installation require expertise. Here's what you need to know about roofing and how you can apply it.



The choice you make in choosing an entry door is the most important choice you can make because it's the first thing your visitors encounter when entering your home, and it's also the last. What door will look great on your home depends on a few factors. There are 4 areas to consider.



Your home is your most valuable possession. See how painting your home can make your home even more beautiful and valuable. Keep your property looking fresh and clean, and be the pride of your neighborhood. No pressure. 



HVAC is a project that you usually don't see, or think about, but you feel it, you breathe it, and your level of comfort at home depends on it. Your choice matters, but here's what you must know before making this decision.



If you’re ready to say goodbye to bottled water, or the water stains around the house, a well designed water filtration system can do that for you. Local city water usually contains higher-than-normal levels of  hardness that can cause problems.



Not all windows are created equal, nor are all installations. Have no fear, just repair or replace your windows with one of our approved contractors. Custom windows are now within reach, with just a few things to consider.

Or Something Else...

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Using our patented SquareApproach process we can help you find the contractor for any home improvement project. Start today and get informed.

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We understand that you want your project completed in the minimum amount of time with little to no interruption to your life. We will communicate with contractors on your behalf, ensuring that they agree to your project parameters, including time-frames for work to be carried out and completion deadlines.