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Windows fail inside of 10 years when they are low quality and poorly installed. Have you ever found out too late that you paid too little for your windows? A lot of families have.

Notice these statistics from a recent Cost-VS-Value 2021 Report. 

Did You Know...

...Cost Recouped In Resale Value On A Tampa Vinyl Window Project

Did You Know...

...Is The Tampa Average Window Project Cost (10 Windows)

Did You Know...

...Is The National Average Window Project Cost (10 Windows)


Not Just a Brand

With so many brand choices it can become confusing. Just to let you in on an industry secret, 'Brand' only represents 45% of whether your window system lasts and performs. What about the other 55%? That depends on the level of care taken the day of the installation.


Glass Package

This is probably the most expensive part of a new window. The amount of glass surfaces and coatings can quickly impact the price. Knowing how various glass packages perform will improve the quality of your decision.  We guarantee it.


Frame Construction

Everything from aluminum to wood is used to  manufacture the frame of most windows. Each material conducts energy at a different rate. Florida is a very unique environment, what may have performed well in a cooler environment doesn't work here.


Some companies use $3.00 2-Year caulk to seal your windows, a few use $50.00 30-Year caulk. The problem is that your retail cost is probably the same. How would you know the difference?



Window energy performance & longevity is largely dependant on glass pack and frame technology. The sea of options can become dizzying, SquareOne can help purify the data for you and your family.



Frame material and finishes can also become confusing. The key is to know what matters and what doesn't. A bad choice here can reduce the function of your new windows and the performance of your initial investment. We help you burn through the fog.


The Square Approach®

Our proven process ensures that we don't miss anything that could jeopardize the outcome of your window project.

Financial Terms

A very important aspect of any large home improvement project is securing good terms on payment and financing. If credit is a challenge or You need a cash discounts, we have you covered. From low-interest loans to no-interest  promotional periods, SquareOne works hard to get the terms you need.


Bring in the Brilliance

Let us remove the complexity from your window replacement project

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