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It's becoming more and more important to find a 'Go-To' resource you can trust for Home Improvement. Have you ever found out too late that you paid too little for a roof? A lot of families have in an attempt to pay the least amount possible. 

Notice these statistics from a recent Cost-Vs-Value 2021 Report on a 30 square roof.

Did You Know...

...Of The Initial Cost Of a Shingle Roof In Tampa.

Did You Know...

...Is The Cost To Replace A Shingle Roof In Tampa.

Did You Know...

...Is The Cost To Replace A Shingle Roof Nationally.


Not Just Brand

With so many brand choices, it can become confusing. Just to let you in on an industry secret, 'Brand' only represents 50% of whether your roofing system lasts and performs. What about the other 50%? That depends on the level of care taken during the installation.


Life Extension

Advanced technologies, such as solar attic vents, water and snow underlayments, and laminated shingle composition allow homeowners to experience an extended life of  their roof. Creating longevity and energy saving helps to mitigate the upfront cost.


Technology Adds

A contractors attention to detail sets their work apart from their competitors. Everything from the nail to the venting technology matter more than you may know. Making sure your roof can support environmental changes structurally is highly important.


Some companies can charge between $350 and $700 a square (100 sqft.) of material to install your roof.  The problem isn't the shingles or the tile. It's what's underneath that's what makes all of the difference in price. How would you know the difference?  Just a little hint...SquareOne.


Metal Roof

In the past, many homeowners have been resistant to metal roofing because they prefer the look of asphalt shingles. Today, however, metal roof systems come in all shapes and sizes. Homeowners no longer have to sacrifice style to have the benefits of a metal roofing system.


Shingle Roof

Architectural shingles are the premier types of asphalt shingles because they have a special added laminate in between each of the shingles tabs that produce much greater wind resistance and adds a bit of weight to the roofing system. Known also as dimensional and laminated shingles because of their 3D like effect, architectural shingles can hide imperfections on a roof much better.


The Square Approach®

Our proven process ensures that we don't miss anything that could jeopardize the outcome of your roof project.

Financial Terms

A very important aspect of any large home improvement project is securing good terms on payment and financing. If credit is a challenge, or you need a cash discount, we have you covered. From low-interest loans to no-interest  promotional periods, SquareOne works hard to get the terms you need.


Bring In The Brilliance

Let us remove the complexity from your roof replacement project.

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