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It's becoming more and more important to find a 'Go-To' resource you can trust for Home Improvement. Have you ever found out too late that you paid too little for an HVAC system? A lot of families have.

Notice these statistics from a recent North Carolina Alternative study.

Did You Know...

...Of Homes Had Incorrect Airflow

Did You Know...

...Of Homes Had Wrong Refrigerant Levels

Did You Know...

...Of Homes Had Oversized HVAC Systems


Not Just Brand

With so many brand choices it can become confusing. Just to let you in on an industry secret, 'Brand' only represents 45% of whether your HVAC system lasts and performs. What about the other 55%? That depends on the level of care taken the day of the installation.



Advanced technologies, such as variable speed fan motors, self-regulating valves, and staged scroll compressors, allow homeowners to experience a level of comfort never before available. Creating longer run-cycles that use less energy, increasing comfort while decreasing operating costs.


Fan Coil

The combination of these forward leaning technologies evens out temperatures throughout your home, thereby eliminating chronic hot and cold spots that make portions of your home uncomfortable for the family. You can actually control not only temperature but humidity in your home.


A new central air conditioner can cost between 6k-15k according to Consumer Reports. Price should not be the primary factor in your decision. 



The ecobee 3 lite Smart Thermostat and its companion app on your iPhone or iPad help you live better, while reducing your annual heating and cooling expenses. With its beautiful design, easy-to-use touchscreen display, and HomeKit compatibility, the ecobee3 lite helps make your home smarter and more comfortable. Now you can take control of your comfort from anywhere.



Controlling the temperature of the house is now at your fingertips with the Nest Thermostat. But what if it is under your voice control as well? Yes, the Nest Thermostat can be under your voice command now if you connect it to your Alexa device.


The Square Approach®

Our proven process ensures that we don't miss anything that could jeopardize the outcome of your HVAC project.

Financial Terms

A very important aspect of any large home improvement project is securing good terms on payment and financing. If credit is a challenge or You need a cash discounts, we have you covered. From low-interest loans to no-interest  promotional periods, SquareOne works hard to get the terms you need.


Bring In The Brilliance

Let us remove the complexity from your HVAC replacement project.

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