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Exterior Painting

It's becoming more and more important to find a 'Go-To' resource you can trust for Home Improvement. Painting the exterior of your home to boost its curb appeal, change a color you don't like or refresh a dilapidated paint job is a good idea. It’s a large job that requires proper planning, preparation and tools. In most cases, it’s best left to a pro. 

Notice these price statistics from HomeAdvisor on Tampa exterior painting projects.

Did You Know...

...Is The Average Cost of a Tampa Exterior Paint Project

Did You Know...

...Is The Average Cost of a Tampa 2-Story Paint Project

Did You Know...

...Is the Average Cost of a Tampa 3-Story Paint Project


First Things First

Most exterior painting contractor love it when a customer already knows what colors they want and have them preselected. Your SquareOne Agent can help you understand how light affects color choices and mitigate your home association requirements.


Prep Work

A thorough scrubbing is a must before painting any exterior surface. It removes the dirt and broken-down paint residues that keep fresh coats from adhering and gets rid of mildew that grows on paint in all but the most arid climates. Most contractors clean with pressure washers. Cracks and gaps must be sealed prior to the painting project start day. We manage all aspects of the prep work.


Painting Day

Exterior painting is 90 percent prep work, the rest is easy short of dangling from a ladder. SquareOne monitors  the paint day(s) to ensure your wishes are met. In order for your paint job to turn out perfectly, the weather needs to cooperate. This is because of how the paint dries is directly related to the temperature and conditions at the time of application. Ideally, you want to choose a time that gives you warm, dry days. We also confer with the contractor to make sure we have optimum conditions to start.

Applied Design Thinking

We apply Design Thinking to your project. Some of the essential features of our Design Thinking process include:

Human-Centered - Empathic end user consideration.

Collaborative - Design is a team sport consulting withyou & SMEs (Subject Matter Expert) as needed.  

Creative and Playful - Pressure free open environment, where all questions are intelligent. 

Prototype Driven - 3D Modeling focused on experimentation, and continuous improvement of your project.


Discovery & Diagnose

We find out what you want, help you select your colors, mitigate any association whoas, and identify any issues with your project that will need to be addressed

Design & Deliver

SquareOne prepares a timeline and project scope of work, after that we go to work finding the right contractor for your requirements and budget.


The Square Approach®

Our proven process ensures that we don't miss anything that could jeopardize the outcome of your entry door  project.

Financial Terms

A very important aspect of any large home improvement project is securing good terms on payment and financing. If credit is a challenge or You need a cash discounts, we have you covered. From low-interest loans to no-interest  promotional periods, SquareOne works hard to get the terms you need.


Bring In The Brilliance

Let us remove the complexity from your entry door project.

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